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Insurance Company Gets Away With Fraud Again

The same adjuster has treated three of my customers with similar circumstances the same within the last year, and it hasn’t been to the customer’s advantage. One customer had a very high deductible and not very much damage so he didn’t challenge the insurance company. Another customers’ policy was very recent and some of the…

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Kids Will Always Surprise You!

I went out to a new flood in Alpine, Utah not to long ago. About 85% of the basement was flooded. turns out one of their kids happened to leave the hose on for a long time near a window well and it was not long before the window well was flooded enough to allow…

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The Flood CO. Can Arrive In a Timely Matter to Deal With All Types of Floods

When water damage occurs timing is crucial. A delay of even 48 hours can result in significant water damage compared to an immediate, timely response. This is why our personnel are on call 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Your initial response is very important as it helps to prevent further damage. Once…

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Water Damage Restoration And Repair

Water damages are everywhere in your household. They may be caused by different factors but their effects are usually the same. They can be as big as property losses or as small as a water spot. But then again, these damages can be frustrating and tedious when they evolve into a bigger problem. Floods are…

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Discussing The Dangers Of Carrying Out DIY Fire And Flood Restoration Following A Fire In Your Building

Where a property has been subject to a serious blaze; the owners are often left with the daunting fact that the need to repair both the fire damage as well as flood damage. Due to the huge amounts of water that must be used to put a blaze out it is likely that the property…

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