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The Flood CO. Can Arrive In a Timely Matter to Deal With All Types of Floods

When water damage occurs timing is crucial. A delay of even 48 hours can result in significant water damage compared to an immediate, timely response. This is why our personnel are on call 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Your initial response is very important as it helps to prevent further damage. Once…

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Salt Lake City Utah Water Damage in The Avenues

We were called to a Utah¬†water damage in the area of D Street a few days ago. The house was vacant and under contract and supposed to close in a week or two. The house was beautiful. It had been immaculately remodeled, it was very well done. The water originated on the top floor and…

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Insurance Coverage for Ogden Utah Water Damage

I can understand people being careful and cautious about their water damage¬†insurance coverage and how it works. They often times are concerned whether its a covered water damage event for insurance purposes; and then what will it cover. Water damage can spread and get worse by the hour, so collecting estimates and trying to make…

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Water Damage Restoration And Repair

Water damages are everywhere in your household. They may be caused by different factors but their effects are usually the same. They can be as big as property losses or as small as a water spot. But then again, these damages can be frustrating and tedious when they evolve into a bigger problem. Floods are…

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