The Flood CO. Can Arrive In a Timely Matter to Deal With All Types of Floods

When water damage occurs timing is crucial. A delay of even 48 hours can result in significant water damage compared to an immediate, timely response. This is why our personnel are on call 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Your initial response is very important as it helps to prevent further damage. Once the flood begins to dissipate the task of water removal and water damage restoration starts immediately.

There are three categories of water damage…

Clean Water – Originate from a source that does not pose substantial harm to humans. Examples: tub or sink overflow, broken water supply lines, melting ice and snow.

Gray Water – Unsanitary water contains some degree of contamination that would cause sickness if consumed by humans. Examples: Aquariums, water beds, a dishwasher overflow, toilet backup with no feces present.

Black Water – Highly contaminated water that could cause death or serious illness if consumed by humans. Examples: sewage backup, ground surface water or rising water from streams or rivers that carry silt and organic matter.

Water Damage Inspections – We have over 17 years of experience with Water Damage Restoration and Clean up. Because of our experience and training we know what to look for and what we are looking at to help you get it cleaned up as quickly as possible. We are licensed, insured and certified in water damage, water damage restoration, water removal, flood damage, and sewer cleanup. We use a variety of instruments, tools and meters to diagnose and detect water damage including, moisture meter, moisture probe, non penetrating meter, penetrating meter, hammer probe,humidity sensors,  and infrared cameras.

Salt Lake City Utah Water Damage in The Avenues

We were called to a Utah water damage in the area of D Street a few days ago. The house was vacant and under contract and supposed to close in a week or two. The house was beautiful. It had been immaculately remodeled, it was very well done. The water originated on the top floor and went down two more levels. There were some wet carpets. The other damage was not so obvious or much of it not even apparent. We performed our inspection using an infrared camera and a variety of moisture meters and tools. The dampness and damage to the walls, ceilings and hardwood floors were not apparent with out the use of the moisture meters. We walked the owners/sellers through and showed them the damage. At about that time a carpet cleaning van arrived. The owners had used this carpet cleaning company for cleaning in the past. The carpet cleaners walked through and identified the wet carpets; no meters were needed. The carpet cleaners offered their services to the owners of: extracting the water from the wet carpets, removing the wet padding, and using their two fans to dry the carpet in 3 days, and relay carpet and pad. The carpet cleaners admittedly knew nothing about diagnosing or drying wet walls, ceilings or hardwood floors. The budget and schedule was attractive to the sellers; after all the other damage was “hidden”, and the closing would not have to be postponed. This of course is highly unethical to not divulge known damage to buyers. Our proposal to correctly mitigate and dry the water damage would have required about 20 fans, 3 dehumidifiers, wall and floor drying systems over about 5 days. So, the moral is: If you are closing on the beautifully finished home in the avenues in the next couple of weeks “Buyer Beware”, the sellers have ignored Utah water damage damage that may have allowed mold to grow.


Insurance Coverage for Ogden Utah Water Damage

I can understand people being careful and cautious about their water damage insurance coverage and how it works. They often times are concerned whether its a covered water damage event for insurance purposes; and then what will it cover. Water damage can spread and get worse by the hour, so collecting estimates and trying to make sense of them is not a good idea. My “customer of the week” was an water damage event in Ogden Utah and was trying to analyse estimates to see if there is something they might could do themselves. For one thing the estimate is just that; an estimate. The insurance company is not going to reimburse an expense that was not incurred. This couple shared with me that they had a water damage about a year ago. It also was a covered water damage event and was submitted to their insurance. They were reimbursed for the damages and did the work themselves. They also shared with me that they did the mitigation and repairs themselves, and when the work was all completed they were only out of pocket about $2000. That sounds like a “lose, lose” proposition. Their deductible was $500. If they did nothing themselves, called a professional service, had the home professionally dried, repaired and cleaned; their total out of pocket cost should have been $500. What a deal, they got to do everything themselves and and pay $2000 instead of $500. This couple hasn’t learned from their first $1500 mistake, it looks like they may be on their way to duplicating their mistake again.

Lesson to be learned: Don’t take on the water damage insurance process alone. You may luck out, but very often you will lose. Hire a professional. Even if the numbers on the surface seem to be OK, you may still lose. If you botch your mitigation and don’t dry some structural areas quickly enough(And you may not of even been aware they were wet to begin with.). You could lose, because the insurance company would have covered the drying services, but will probably now not cover the mold removal. You only have one chance to get a water damage mitigation right, use a professional.

Water Damage Restoration And Repair

Water damages are everywhere in your household. They may be caused by different factors but their effects are usually the same. They can be as big as property losses or as small as a water spot. But then again, these damages can be frustrating and tedious when they evolve into a bigger problem.

Floods are usually one of the causes of water damages. And the kinds of floods would entail the intensity of the damage that can be done. For instance, there are many types of floods that usually flood Utah: urban, flash and river flooding. And most of the floods in Utah are caused by snow melt and mountain runoff which can be considered disastrous.

When residing in a place like Utah, it is important to be aware of what you can do to be prepared. The first thing that you should prioritize is the strength of your own homes. Having a strong home would entail having a safer place to stay in times of these scary disasters. But if your house cannot really handle the strength of the catastrophe, it would be wise to evacuate and find a safer place.

There is worse condition in the home after result of the heavy flood. Flood water is the source of bacteria & mold growth in house & it is important you to start water damage repair procedure immediately to prevent damage to your home.

It is very important that you throw out the thing that are damaged by water; and ensure that make a list of all the damaged things for insurance. Getting rid of house hold & personal items can be a painful experience. It should be done to protect your health. If there is water damage to your walls & floors, you must repair the damage. It is best to call an expert to perform the cleanup & restore your home to a living condition once again.

There are a few tips to apply during a flood:

Never plug in electrics or try to turn your electricity off in standing water. Call a qualified technician.

When it comes to water and flood damage, cleanup should begin within 24-48 hours to prevent the growth of mold and other harmful bacteria.

Never try to do work without the proper knowledge as it can do more damage to the house.