The Flood Co Mold Damage

Spanish Fork Utah Mold Removal

The Flood Co. is a trusted mold removal company in Spanish Fork Utah and surrounding communities, having served the Wasatch Front for 20 years. We have technicians that are trained and experienced in all kinds of mold testing and removal and are willing to show you just how reliable our services can be.

Mold is very common in Spanish Fork Utah, both indoors and outdoors. Some mold you can see with the naked eye, some you cannot. It is very important to understand and identify which molds are harmful to you and which ones are not only not harmful, but in a lot of cases necessary for nature.

The Flood Co. can help identify the molds that require mold removal in Spanish Fork Utah, and will not only test for these molds specifically, but also will perform mold removal and remediation as needed per protocol.

It is also very important to understand why exactly mold removal is needed in your Spanish Fork Utah home. The mold removal experts at The Flood Co. can help you identify those needs.

The first thing to understand is that mold spores are tiny, lightweight, and easily-detached by airflow, vacuuming, walking on the carpet, or sitting on a couch. In indoor environments, mold spores can grow in carpets, hardwoods, walls & any porous materials, and are able to produce and release millions of spores, which are small enough to stay airborne; these have the potential to threaten to invade the human respiratory system.

In moderate to large quantities, molds are capable of causing allergic symptoms similar to those caused by plant pollen. Mold growths are often seen in the form of discoloration, ranging from white to orange and from green to brown or black.

Mold spores multiply and grow best in dark and damp places and feed off leaves, wood, paper, dirt, and other natural materials. Mold removal in a Spanish Fork Utah home is oftentimes troublesome when these dark and damp places are out of sight, such as crawl spaces and deep inside floors and walls.

Perhaps the most dangerous of molds that there are is Stachybrotrys Chartarum, or “black mold”. This produces a toxic mycotoxin that is thought to be the root cause for “sick building syndrome”. It is the most common mold that is found in mold removal testing results in Spanish Fork Utah, and is the biggest reason why you should call a mold removal expert in Spanish Fork Utah.

The best thing to do if you suspect mold in your home is to not panic. Call The Flood Co. for your trusted mold removal in Spanish Fork Utah needs.