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Mold Damage Springville Utah

Unfortunate Fact of Life

Mold damage can happen at any time, but particularly can happen as a result of standing water damage in your Springville Utah home. Mold can not only spread and grow in your Springville home with little to no warning signs at all, but can also survive in really any environment; however, mold particularly thrives in dark and damp areas. This holds especially true for water damaged areas such as wood panels, floors, ceilings, drywall, underneath tile and carpet, and in furniture. It can hide for months in water-damaged areas and no one would be able to realize it is there.

This is why it is imperative that a mold damage remediation team from The Flood Co. is called in to assess your Springville Utah home. We are able to use our industry-standard equipment to detect, isolate, and remove any harmful molds that are found in your Springville Utah home.

What is mold?

To better understand the effects mold damage can have on your Springville Utah home, one must first better understand mold itself.

Mold is a natural member of the fungi family. It is found everywhere you go and in many different shapes, sizes, and classifications.

The most common of molds is Alternaria. It is often found outdoors, but it also grows in damp places indoors, such as under sinks with leaky pipes and in showers. This is the most common mold, both in nature and after a building has suffered water damage. It can spread very easily from one area to another and can cause mild allergic reactions. It is practically harmless; however, those with allergies should still consider mold removal.

Aspergillus is a type of mold often found indoors after a flood or water damage has occurred. It can cause allergic reactions and inflammation of the lungs. If you suspect Aspergillus is in your Springville Utah home, please consult a mold removal expert right away.

Cladosporium is a type of mold often found growing indoors, particularly in residential areas. Most types of mold prefer warm climates, whereas cladosporium thrives in cool environments. You can likely find cladosporium on cabinets, floor boards, carpets, and wood surfaces. It has been linked to a variety of respiratory problems, including inflammation of the lung and respiratory infection.

Penicillium is often found growing on materials that have been affected by water damage, including wallpaper, carpets, insulation, and furniture. It is a mold type that spreads quickly and easily, and can cause allergic reactions, chronic sinus infections, and inflammation of the lungs.

Stachybotrys chartarum, otherwise known as “toxic mold” or “black mold”, is the most toxic of all mold varieties. The mold itself is not toxic, but rather produces what are commonly called “mycotoxins”. These mycotoxins can cause major health problems such as allergic reactions, breathing problems, chronic sinus infections, asthma, fatigue, and depression attacks. It is imperative that this kind of mold be removed right away from your Springville Utah home.

Mold damage is a very touchy situation, and if not handled properly, can turn into a very serious situation. Let the experts at The Flood Co. handle your mold damage remediation needs in Springville Utah today!