Do It Yourself Water Damage Mitigation

Do it yourself water damage mitigation can be very expensive. A builder was in charge of this home and unfortunately there was water that came down through the cap of the chimney and flooded the main level and the basement level. They come in and they recognize that some of the drywall was wet, they cut some of it, got some air up there to dry it out and some fans on the carpet to dry it out.

But they don’t have tools like moisture detectors, they don’t have experience. It may look easy and simple enough to suck up the water set some fans. It may look that simple. But they missed where it was wet on the backside of the fireplace before it was discovered by me a month later. There was mold at this water damage mitigation.

If they had hired a professional, they could have saved themselves well over ten thousand dollars compared to all of the costs that they’re having to absorb from their own mistakes of doing their own water damage cleanup.