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Water Damage Restoration Provo Utah

The Flood Co., offers emergency flood and water damage remediation. Water can have an incredibly destructive impact on the structure of a home. Whether your water damage is large or small it is important to make sure that both obvious and hidden damages are identified correctly to help ensure the safety and integrity of your Provo home.

When it comes to cleaning up Provo water damage, especially when dealing with basement flood damage, it is important to get the water cleaned up as fast as you can. It is critical to have standing water cleaned up within 48 hours so that it is not allowed to further damage a home. A wet wall can lead to damage to the framing and drywall of your home. People sometimes don’t realize when water damage affects your subsection. A wet crawlspace can lead to mold damage, and a wet carpet can leave an earthy smell and warp the floor beneath.

Because we know that removing the water is only half the battle, The Flood Co. is a preferred water damage remediation specialist throughout the Wasatch Front. Our approach is about water damage remediation and restoration. This means we properly dry out the entire affected area. This is the best way to guarantee that there is no mold further down the road. If these steps are not performed properly and timely, moisture can be trapped in walls, concrete, carpet fibers, wood and drywall that will eventually become a breeding ground for mold.

Our Provo Water Damage Services Include:

Floor drying
Water damage remediation
Water Removal
Flood Damage Restoration
Water Damage Repair
Water Restoration

We are also specially qualified to use the TES drying system. This unique system uses heat and air flow to significantly decrease drying time and get you back in your house.

At The Flood Co., we don’t just air out your carpets and leave. To make the restoration process as easy for you as possible, we take care of every aspect.

If your water damage event creates mold, we offer mold removal services. If you need help with your insurance claim, we have several specialists on hand to help.

After we finish the initial water removal, we also handle the complete rebuilding and beautification of your property. We’ll make your Provo house look like it never suffered water damage and restore your property to like-new conditions.

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