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    Flood & Water Damage Clean Up & Restoration

    “Does that ever happen in Utah?”

    This is the question a neighbor once asked when he learned what we do. Obviously he was envisioning a flooding event with rising flood waters affecting hundreds or thousands of homes. Well that type of event definitely would qualify as flood damage or water damage, but you don’t have to have wide scale flooding to need water damage restoration services.

    Get help with water damage whenever there is an accident, a leak or an appliance problem that gets anything wet in your home. It doesn’t have to be visibly wet to lead to serious damage.

    If wood or other organic materials are at 17% moisture content or above they are at risk of growing mold. If they stay wet for more than a few days mold can grow. Once mold grows, the same drying options are not available and more demolition is necessary. Whenever you have a water damage event have it checked out to avoid more serious damage.

    Examples Of Common Water Damage Events

    Pipe Leak
    Pipe leaks come in all sizes from small to large. Even if it seems minor, get it checked out; hidden dampness can take weeks to dry on its own. Also, if you should choose to call your insurance, have us inspect the damage first. We can advise you on the costs and coverage before you call your insurance company about your water damage event.

    Toilet Overflow
    Depending on how much water, how contaminated it was, what the floor coverings are and how many levels are below, it could be minor or serious. Don’t risk your home or your health, get it checked out. Sewage damage should never be ignored.

    Water Heater
    Water heaters don’t last forever. When they get old, they may get cranky and unpredictable, releasing large amounts of water from the pressure release valve. Or it may start with a smaller leak. These water damage events are usually a single level, but still a good idea to get it checked out and dried properly.

    Dishwasher Leak
    These leaks can start small and may go unnoticed for some time. It is definitely a good idea to have a restoration company that is loyal to you inspect the water damage BEFORE you call your insurance.

    Freeze Damage
    If a pressurized pipe freezes, it will begin to release water as soon as it thaws and continue until the water is turned off. If no one is home and the water continues to run, it can add up to a lot of water and a lot of water damage.

    If the hose bib or water line to an outside faucet freezes the pipe won’t leak until the faucet is turned on. These leaks are typically discovered in spring and summer when you are using your outside faucets. Water runs down the inside of walls. Get help to make sure everything gets dried properly.

    Sewer Line Back Up
    By definition this is grossly unsanitary water. It is referred to as category 3 or black water. Special precautions should be taken to clean and disinfect materials, protect occupants and dry the structure properly. Hepatitis and E. coli are just some contaminants that may be present. Don’t risk your home or your health, call for help and get it done right.

    Ground Water
    DO NOT CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY until you have had the water damage and cause inspected by a restoration company that is loyal to you. Groundwater seepage is usually not covered on most insurance policies, but the slightest details may make a difference.

    Once you’ve had a groundwater event, consider installing a sump pump. If the sump pump is successful at keeping the water out, call your insurance company and add a rider to cover the sump pump. $10,000 minimum, $25,000+ recommended. In the future if you have a groundwater problem, it should be covered on your regular insurance policy.

    Refrigerator Line Leak
    Depending on the floor covering in the kitchen and if the level below is furnished this type of leak could be serious. Get it checked out. You don’t want to miss any dampness that could take a long time to dry.

    Sprinkler Or Hose Problem
    This is a very common water damage problem in Utah because we have basements. Many people are focused on the wet carpet, but getting the carpet dry is the easy part. The carpet will dry before the walls dry.

    If there is a silver lining, this type of water damage is covered on most insurance policies but not all. Call a restoration company that is loyal to you to inspect the damage BEFORE you call your insurance company.

    Ice Damming
    Because the amount of water that makes it to the floor may not seem like a lot of water, a lot of people ignore or minimize the damage. Although the dampness on the floor may be small, the walls are soaked, and they will stay soaked for weeks or months unless they are dried out.

    This type of water damage is not as minor as it may seem. Call for professional help.

    Why Shouldn’t I Hire My Insurance Company’s Preferred Vendor?

    Note: Not all insurance companies use preferred vendors, and of those that do, many claims and repairs are handled successfully. However, when something is not in your favor you need a company that works for you that is trained and experienced that can help look out for your interests.

    Response time: If you call a Utah water damage mitigation company directly (depending on your location) many will be able to arrive and start work within 1 hour. If you call your insurance company and say yes to them sending a preferred vendor, it will take a few minutes to relay the assignment to their vendor.

    Many insurance companies allow their vendor up to 1 hour to “call you” and respond within 5 hours.

    Loyalty: Whether it’s the subjectivity of the event or damage that may not be obvious or even hidden, you deserve a contractor that works for you rather than one that has strict instructions from the insurance company about what they can do or say.

    Delays: Even though the industry standard may be obvious about what needs to be done, some insurance companies will not allow their vendors to proceed with a water damage repair until they have approval.

    Accountability: When insurance companies require multiple contractors be involved, there can be gaps in accountability. It may not be clear whose responsibility it is (or there may be insufficient budget) to re-hang doors, adjust or modify doors, reset contents, set trim or touch up painting after flooring is installed.

    When you have one water damage restoration contractor that oversees and is responsible for everything, there are no gaps in accountability.

    Mold: Some insurance companies do not have coverage for mold. When mold is discovered on a Utah water damage, whether it is pre-existing mold or mold from the recent event, preferred vendors have specific instructions about what to say and how it will be dealt with and it is not in your favor.

    If your Utah water damage contractor is not a preferred vendor there are more options available to help you deal with the mold at the lowest possible cost.

    Incomplete Drying: Some insurance companies disagree with some industry standards for drying. Their preferred vendors follow their instructions even though it is against industry standards and may put your home at risk.

    Convenience: Some insurance companies “will not allow” the same company that does the Utah water damage mitigation to also do the repairs, and some have “flooring programs” that homeowners are “required” to use. Well it is not a “requirement” in your policy.

    Why should you be “forced” to deal with multiple contractors if you would prefer the convenience of dealing with only one contractor? Your insurance policy does not limit your choice. It is your choice for whom you want to do the work in your home.

    Advice: A preferred vendor has instructions from the insurance company about what they can say or questions they can answer. They are not in a position to advise you on some topics.

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