Utah Sewage Cleanup

Utah Sewage Cleanup

Indoor plumbing and modern waste collection systems are generally dependable and effective, but there is always a chance that things can do terribly wrong. It is not unusual for sewage works and systems to overflow or begin moving in the wrong direction. When this happens, it is essential to have the damage corrected by a knowledgeable expert with experience in this especially noxious disaster.

If your water damage is coming from busted water pipes or maybe rainwater overflow, you may only need to dry the water to solve the problem. But if water is polluted with fecal matter, urine and a host of undesirable pathogens that inhabit the local sewage works, the problem is a little greater.

The Flood Co. has many years of experience providing the Utah Sewage Cleanup and water restorations of the highest value. If you are facing a rising tide of foul smelling polluted water, don’t take any chances. Here is why you should call in the experts from the Flood Co. to deal with sewage disasters from backed up toilets, broken sewage pipes or flooding canals.

What To Expect From Our Residential Utah Sewage Cleanup

A flood of putrid sewage water is not just a problem for the materials of your home and property because of the moisture that can damage an array of structures. The pathogens and toxins sewage water brings to your residential or commercial location is hazardous to the health. This is why it is important to get professional help from your Utah Sewage Clean up Experts.

It takes a knowledgeable professional with a special understanding of how these contaminants and pollutants in the water can be absorbed into floors, walls and structures. Only a professional will have the skills, tools and proper cleaning agents to ensure the area is fully restored.

In addition to proper preparations and equipment, your sewage clean professionals must be ready at all times of the day or night. Every minute that goes by the sewage is allowed to seep further into the materials of your home and consolidates the damage done.

At The Flood Co. we fully understand what it takes to deliver a fast and effective solution to sewage disasters of all types and sizes. We have a full team of Hazmat Clad Professionals available 24/7. Whether you are dealing with a minor hiccough in your plumbing system or a full on flood from the local mains, here is what you can expect from our reputable sewage cleanup services:

Our Special Brand of Utah Sewage Cleanup

Removal of Sewage and Water

The first thing we will do is set to work with removing the sewage from the affected area. This job must be done post-haste, so we will arrive onsite with all the tools we need to stop the flow of sewage and begin draining the contaminated water right away.

Addressing the Contamination

Everywhere the sewage water flows, there will be furniture, flooring and building materials affected with pestilential fluids. Everything that is touched by the sewage will become affected. But, don’t try lifting the ponderous sofa yourself, wait till our team arrives to work swiftly to protect your furnishings and structure. Once the area has been drained and cleared, we can begin addressing the pollution left behind.

Drying and Ventilating

Even though the waters have abated and the area is now looking better, the awful stench and disease carrying waters remain soaked into the building and furniture. It will not be enough to sprinkle some baking soda around and place a fan on the spot. The whole place will need to be dried thoroughly to ensure no vestiges of polluted waters remain in the area. The faster this part of the task is completed, the fewer chances of damage you will see.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Once the black water has been properly dried and the massive air movers and industrial strength blow dryers have finished their work. The area will look almost perfect, but the job is not over. There are still plenty of residual pathogens and toxins to address. This is when we will break out the eco-friendly cleaning agents and top-quality deodorizers. By the time we are done, you can expect a level of sanitization fit for a high-standard nursery. Rest assured there will be no harmful contaminants in your home or commercial location when we are finished our work.

Insurance Coverage

Call us before you report the damage to your insurance provider. Much of work can be covered by the insurance coverage you are already paying for. Don’t wait for your insurance adjuster to clear the work, we have experience in reporting these disasters and can help you get the most from your policy. Besides, every minute you wait that sewage is soaking deeper into your home.

Final Notes on The Flood Co. Utah Sewage Cleanup

Sewage cleanup is a dirty job, but we are proud and honored to perform our work with the same level of diligence you would expect from a reputable brain surgeon. Expect us to address all sewage clean up with cutting-edge equipment, leading industry techniques and the highest level of performance you could hope for.