Handyman Mold Cleanup

Handyman Mold Cleanup This Utah homeowner hired a handyman or a regular general contractor for doing some repairs in her home. The repairs that were needed were because of a leak in the water line to the refrigerator. The handyman has done the obvious things that you would expect from a handyman, but he doesn’t…

Mold Removal in Syracuse Utah

Mold Removal in Syracuse Utah

Mold Removal in Syracuse Utah From the picture it probably doesn’t look like a big bad serious mold removal. And it wasn’t we removed a little bit of drywall off the bottom of the wall and tack strip and cleaned up some mold off of the framing but it wasn’t too bad and wasn’t a…

Tile glue pattern during mold removal

Wall After Mold Removal

Wall After Mold Removal This wall almost looks like modern art, but it isn’t. It was a creative pattern for the glue that held the paneling on the wall. If they don’t go back with more paneling then more drywall may need to come off during the repairs to get it ready for paint.